Sponsors & Affiliates

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One of our club’s proudest moments was securing a major sponsorship with Banking on Football, and we could not be happier it’s with this organisation. They strive to support football clubs and footballing organisations at a grass roots level. Their love of football and their customers is felt throughout the organisation. From their CEO Margot Sweeney through to their Customer Service representatives and everyone in between & beyond. It is rare to find a business that not only talks about their Why Constitution but also breathes it as well. We recommend banking with them.


Who are Banking on Football?
Banking on Football is a program created and organised by Summerland Credit Union. They have been around for many years and have a strong customer base. Normally local market penetration for a non-big 4 bank has a threshold of 10%. BOF reach over 20% in some local communities. This is in principal because they believe in what they do and how they do it.


What do they do?
They are a bank. They offer all the services a regular bank would, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • International Banking
  • Savings account
  • Insurance
  • Home loans
  • Superannuation
  • ..and much mroe


How can you contact them?
Banking on Football – Contact Us Page
If you have any questions you are also welcome to send the President of RMIT FC an email at info@rmitfc.com




Bubba Pizza are big supporters of local businesses and the local community. This aligns with our mission statement and is a major reason why we created this relationship.  It doesn’t stop there though.
Their friendly staff provide great customer service; you feel welcomed from entry to when you leave with that hot, smokin’ pizza.  All that wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t have a good product. We can assure you, their pizzas are amazing. We use them for events and in our personal time.
Thanks to the generous amount of free large pizza vouchers we established the Monthly Bubba Award, check out more info here. This award is given to a player from each team for outstanding skill and effort on/off the pitch.



It is no secret that Grill’d are big supporters of local clubs & charities. Their Local Matters community programs have helped raise a lot of money for clubs and local organisations. We are proud to be part of this program and affiliated with Grill’d.
Grill’d in QV, Melbourne went a little further with their support for our club. Thanks to their vouchers we have been able to set-up the Outstanding Effort Award. This rewards great efforts by volunteers from the club for their time and determination.
We are a volunteer club, not a servant club. Without our volunteers from present and past this club would not exist. Thanks to Grill’d we can continue to push this club past the horizon and onto greener grass, which doesn’t have to always been on the other side.