Sneak peek into our next season with our head coach – Mohamed Badawy

Getting more professional, preparing better and building on the club’s strong culture is how RMIT FC plans to step up after a successful 2016 campaign.

Head coach Mohamed Badawy has identified the areas he wants to improve after the club’s first State League 5 title and that blueprint will carry RMIT’s teams forward in 2017.

“This year we started earlier and prepared better as a club,” Badawy said.

“It reflected in our cup run at the start of the year and we carried that form into the first 10 matches of the season, which effectively sealed the championship for us.”

With a new board in place and more support than ever before, Badawy expects RMIT to compete strongly as a promoted side in State League 4.

“My expectation is that the technical quality of the opposition is not a huge step up from State 5, however the players seem a lot more stronger and fitter,” he said.

“I expect it to be a very challenging year for us… however if we prepare well and recruit in key areas in the off season there is no reason why we couldn’t be challenging for a play-off position come end of the year.”

Trials will be held at RMIT’s Bundoora campus on this weekend and Badawy is looking for skilled players who can fit into the club.

“This club’s strength by far is the culture. I am proud to say that every single team in the club is built on strong foundations of comradery,” Badawy said.

“We ensure that firstly the players can fit into our culture and build strong relationships with their team mates.”

“We have a near non existent record of player altercations within teams and and we are proud to say we are a very accepting club that actively promotes tolerance of all people, no matter their individual differences.”

This year the club is adding a doctor, a dietitian and new coaching staff to help support players to play better than ever before.

“Our number one goal has always been to support all our players and get the best from them while at the same time providing a “mateship” culture and we have worked very hard to ensure this continues this year,” Badawy said.

Trials for Men’s state league 2017 begin this weekend.

Come on you Redbacks!

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