RMcP: The Premier Premier League.

Back again and the transfer season has developed very nicely since last week. The McP turns his attention to a returning prodigal son, and takes another look at the forecast contenders… Finally, he will reexamine a certain damning transfer verdict.


Oh, gosh, pardon the awful word selection there.

But the point stands: Manchester United have made a thrust for the pinnacle of the English game the likes of which should leave United fans the world over feeling the warm fuzzy sensation of nostalgia confirmed.

Nothing is done yet, naturally, but the sheer way in which the Red Devils have confounded their recent form has certainly altered the feeling about a team which has recently experienced quite a fall from grace.

Hats off to Woodward, the serial failcake of transfer windows, the man who has risen to the challenge of having a real manager calling the shots by delivering on each of that manager’s requests.

So what am I on about? I’m on about Paul Pogba, and sundry. The ultimate capture of Paul Pogba – considering the saga involved the fact that he has come in before the start of the season is an achievement in itself – has rounded off the a monumental rebuild of a squad not only in terms of playing staff but also in terms of global standing. Pogba had no reason to go back to United, really. Sure, he learned something there, but he was dissed and went off to newer pastures where he tore Europe to shreds, his return is motivated by an astronomical fee and, doubtless, wage packet, but United have out-spent Real Madrid on Pogba and that means a lot.

At the end of last season United looked totally devoid of the kind of quality that was required of a top team, but with swift strokes they have regained not only a squad of quite some steel and experience, but also an air of the weathered, the savvy, the indomitable. And this coming from someone who isn’t much of a United fan, traditionally~ Very interesting story unfolding, here.


Well colour me red but I’m thinking Man Utd and Liverpool are the two better looking squads doing the rounds at the moment. I don’t think Leicester are in such a bad place either.

Liverpool don’t quite have the same star studded squad as the other big teams in the league, but they do have one of the very best managers in the league in Klopp and he has got a modern gamestyle which has already been delivering. The team ethic, work ethic, aggression and pace of attack that Jurgen has instilled in his team are the kind of traits that can deliver consistent results against any brand of team. Goals seem to be coming from all over the show, and some defensive additions are surely going to be beneficial this season – how do I reason that, you ask? Well, because Klopp called for them and the guy has the creds that prove that he knows what he needs.

Down the train line and I’ve already mentioned United.

Man City have become a hell of a lot more interesting with the capture of Stones, who really does seem like a scouse Pique (he is scouse, right?) in the making. But I think this season will be the undoing of Pep’s stellar reputation. He might not suck almightily but he hasn’t got the same squad that he is used to having, and I’m not sure EPL clubs are going to let Stones do a playmaker job like Guardiola wants, considering how ‘well’ he coped at that with Everton last season.

Moving through the other clubs, I honestly can’t really pass any judgement on a Chelsea team which, somewhat like Italy before Euro 2016, has rather run under the radar recently. Arsenal, well, I appreciated their signing of Xhaka but a worrying inability to land a second key striker does seem to be seeing them drop behind their opponents in the race for a title.

I am reminded by what I just said, however, that this season goes one week at a time. Arsenal are a classy outfit, and they know how to win (if not the league), and just as Liverpool have a chance of going for the title if they turn up each week I feel that Arsenal have the tools to unlock results, provided the injuries remain calm.


Devoted readers (count: nil) will note that last week I was quite sure about damning the transfer efforts of West Ham United, perhaps I was grasping at straws but my reasoning was that players like Feghouli and Tore were unprofessional and would probably be an undermining influence at a club taking early steps towards being a big deal – something like a couple of Robinho signings – however recent performances have reminded me that I have liked Sofiane Feghouli for a while, and they’re looking pretty solid moving into the next season.

In my own private managerial experiences (at my desktop) I always wanted Feghouli when he was a youngster in Ligue 1, and although he proved nearly impossible to drag away from Valencia in the FM iterations since I did always keep my eye on him. West Ham have a wealth of heady continental attacking talent at their disposal and Feghouli has the skills and poise to fit in and become a key provider alongside the likes of Payet. Don’t be surprised of Sofiane takes the league by storm a little bit.

And so that is it for another week of RMcP. My thanks to you for reading, I hope you enjoy the coming 7 days (or 5, since this has been posted a tad late) and as always all the best to RMIT FC – and a quick shoutout for the RMIT Futsal Cup, which takes place this Sunday. Go RMIT FT.

-Richard M

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