Keeping it Social in August 2017

In August 2017 we had a reboot of the social soccer initiative and what a reboot it was! With almost 40 people turning up on Saturday 19th August we were all amazed at how many people actually turned up compared to the previous attempts.

We had all sort of people involved from RMIT students to members of the community that just wanted to have a kick. The event was at Poplar Oval and saw a full pitch match with sub rotations over the 2 hour period, ensuring everyone had a chance to show off their soccer prowess.

Shout out to Social Organiser, Student, and State 3 player Ketsa Jerome, for all her efforts to get so many people onto the pitch.

RMIT FC are invested in ensuring there is a social aspect on top of our competitive initiatives and you’ll continue to see these sort of events taking place in the future. Getting involved is just the cost of a year membership. Don’t let that deter you though and we encourage people come down to participate before signing up. Join the Social Soccer Group on Facebook at:

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