3 results for day: 07/04/2018

Neymar Junior’s Five

Last month a few Women from our State squad participated in Neymar Junior's Five competition. This was the first time Red Bull hosts a dedicated Womens competition as part of Neymar Jr's, which was great to see for the sport. The structure of the competition is 5 a side with 10 minute games. It's a fast paced knockout ... More

Friendly against Albert Park SC

Our highlight friendly match from February is the Senior Mens match versus State 5 side Albert Park SC. The match was an absolute ripper ending in a 8-1 win to the Redbacks. The match truly demonstrated the calibre of players that our State men enter the 2018 season. Our defence has never been stronger, when the midfield ... More

Mens FFA Cup Results

The Senior men had an admirable run this FFA Cup. Although unable to match our 5 round run in 2017 the squad still put in a solid effort considering the State 2 squad we faced in Round 2. Well done to all the players and coaches involved! Round 1 saw us placed against State 5 team Aspendale SC. Aspendale were pumped after ... More