2017 FFV Metro State Coach Salary Survey Results

In September 2017, RMIT FC ran an independent survey capturing coach salary satisfaction data. The inclusion criteria were coaches in both the Men’s and Women’s Football Federation Victoria State Leagues. There were a total of 67 respondents to the inquiry from approximately 200 invitees. Four respondents did not match the inclusion criteria and were removed from analysis. From those included, 43 coached in Men’s State Leagues and 20 in Women’s State Leagues.

Male coaches dominated all Men’s State Leagues with a median experience greater than 5 years in State League 1-3 and 1-4 years experience in State League 4-5. In the Women’s State Leagues, 50% of coaches were female in State League 1, 20% in State League 2 and 100% male in State League 3-4. The typical median experience in the Women’s leagues was greater than 5 years. Only State League 2 had a median experience level of 3-4 years.

State League 1 was the highest paid in both genders with State Men’s coaches earning $9000 yearly whilst State Women’s coaches earning $2500 yearly. The lowest levels in both Men’s and Women’s leagues made significantly less, with State 5 Men’s coaches at $2000 yearly and State 4 Women’s coaches at $1000 yearly. In the State Men’s leagues, 30% of coaches surveyed were volunteers (earning no money yearly) with the majority of these in State 5 Leagues. In the State Women’s Leagues, 26% of the coaches were not earning, with the majority of these volunteers coaching in State Leagues 3-4. The maximum salary was $22000 in Men’s State League 1 and $6000 in Women’s State League 3. For both genders, the respondents were on average satisfied with their salary.






Limitations to the data collection included:

1. No data pertaining to coaches qualification and experience.
2. Yearly salary not specified as per season or 52-week year, this may have skewed the results.
3. Small sample size, particularly for the Women’s leagues.

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