2018 President Update

This year RMIT University has chosen RMIT FC as one of their two Tier 1 clubs in 2018. Tier 1 clubs are chosen as the university’s competitive clubs to represent them in the community. A huge privilege and honour for our club and a true reflection of our hard work in the past seasons. Being a Tier 1 club introduces added challenges and it will require combined efforts from our members in order to succeed under this new structure.

Continuing with the momentum from last year, we are striving to improve on our strategy, process and operating rhythm to further support this ever-growing club. Our growth is not only measured in numbers but success on an off the pitch as well as increased member satisfaction.

Diversifying our approach, we are focusing heavily on staff development to ensure all our members are adequately supported. We have also explored other leagues to ensure we grow and succeed on all levels as well as reinforce our existence in the community.

It’s been a busy start to the 2018 season with most of our committee members and volunteers taking little time off to get things done. It's an honour and a pleasure to run a second term as President of the RMIT Football Club in 2018 and I hope to see you all involved in one way or another in 2018.

Amr Badawy

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